Electrical Safety Tips

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Although most electrical repairs require a qualified licensed electrician, there are still several jobs you can do around the house to save calling one out and paying unnecessary costs. As long as you are safe you will be astonished as to what you can achieve.

A Solihull Electrical electrician are always a phone call away to advise on certain jobs you can do yourself like:

  • It is good practice to make all family members be familiar where the master switch is that cuts off all the electric and how to turn off the electric
  • If water is in contact with any electricity then you must never enter the water until the electricity is turned off, via the master switch
  • When working with electricity make sure the tools are insulated
  • If you have the need to reach the circuit board via a ladder or stepladder, ensure that this aid is made of wood to reduce the possibility of shock
  • It is useful to make a note of what exactly each fuse controls which receptacles in your home so you know which fuse would say switch off the upstairs lights.