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Great Job! Our fuse box was a nightmare and would trip when just putting the kettle on.  Matt from Solihull Electrical sorted out for us without any bother.

Mr Kingham, Birmingham

At last, an electrician we can call upon for a fast response and professional job and one who is always good on price.

Mrs Cross, Birmingham

Solihull Electrical overlooked and advised the electric at every stage of my barn conversion while providing an excellent installation service throughout. Friendly, professional electricians and highly recommended.

Mr James, Solihull

Solihull Electrical Recommends


As a way of monitoring your electricity usage our electrician recommend purchasing a wireless electricity monitor displaying costs, instant power and estimated CO2 emissions. It can also show historical and average data.

  • Take Control of your energy use
  • Monitor the cost of using your home appliances and lights
  • Discover and reduce the size of your carbon footprint
  • Fun and educational for the whole family

For more information and costs visit the website below


A Solihull Electrical’s highly trained and motivated electricians, will design and install CCTV and integrated systems, to the highest specifications.

CCTV Cameras can record anything going on outside your home while you are out, keep an eye on your car, or even view rooms inside your home with hidden cameras.

We can also provide effective CCTV systems for your business. When it comes to dealing with light commercial systems for applications such as hotels, shops or public houses, our expertise is second to none.

From a single camera to multiple systems, Solihull Electrical has experience in providing them all. We offer advice on CCTV system implementation and usage, whether you have existing CCTV which needs upgrading, or a brand new system is required.

CCTV Installation

re-wireComplete Re-Wiring

Our wealth of experience means we can offer a complete solution whether you want a new lighting installation for your kitchen, a total house rewiring for modernisation or you simply wish to add a few extra sockets to your home office.

We can help you to identify hazards such as perished cabling, providing you with practical and affordable solutions and peace of mind.

Just contact a Solihull Electrical electrician and we will arrange a time which is convenient for you to come out and provide a comprehensive assessment.


testingElectrical Testing and Inspection

Our electricians will inspect and test all of your electrical installations for your home or business needs in Solihull, Birmingham and the surrounding areas.

On completion of the inspection and test, we provide a full report detailing the condition of the installation, with results of all tests carried out and a record of any faults detected, along with expert recommendations.

It is always worth completing an electrical test in your home or business for your own piece of mind.


Security Systems

Security is more important than ever before and providing adequate protection for both property and goods is a requirement that nobody can afford to ignore.

Solihull Electrical can offer everything from a simple audible alarm, to packages with panic alarms which alert the emergency services within seconds.

Passive infra red movement detectors can protect vulnerable areas of your property, whether you are home or away. With Solihull Electrical, our solutions will aid you in creating a home protection system suited to your individual needs.

gardenlightingGarden Lighting

More and more people are transforming their gardens to extend their living area. Garden Lights are essential, whether you require a complete lighting solution for your entire property or tranquil mood setting lights An electrician can install the right lighting solution for your needs.

You garden can be brought to life through creative lighting design, providing a dining area, a place to relax or a truly stunning backdrop.

At Solihull Electrical we specialise in exterior decorative lighting and with our in-house qualified designers, can create a truly stunning effect

plugsocketsPlug Socket and Light Installation

Whether you are refurbishing a room, building an extension, or just need extra sockets & lights. It is now required under the Part P Building regulations that a registered electrician undertakes this type of work.

A Solihull Electrical electrician is both qualified and registered to complete these jobs.